Our GPS tracker not only supports GPS&LBS&AGPRS but also supports WIFI&BD&GLONASS.So the users are able to use it outside and indoor globally.

vibration alert

Beacuse of sensitive vibration sensor even if a slight vibration for 3second the device will send alarm to the owner via SMS&APP.


Geo-fence will help you build safe area for your car/families .As long as the carrier is out of safe area the device will send alarm via APP/SMS.

Waterproof IP65/IP66

Super waterproof makes the device can be used in rainy . Never worry about that it is broken when water is sprayed or it is rainy.

Historical routes

The server can store the data for half year so you can check the historical routes in APP&Web platform at any time.

move alert

As long as the car is driven far from the sidtace which was set the device will send alarm to the owner via SMS&APP. For example user set 300m when car is faraway 300mthere will be a notification.Moce alert will protect your car all time time.

over speed alert

3G-sensor is built into the device . The user set a safe speed of car once the driver is beyong that speed the device will send alarm to the user.That will decrease the rate of traffic.

Long standby life

6000/10000/20000mAh rechargeable battery make device work up to 240 days.So users never worry about its working time.