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LK-GPS at HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2024

The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) provides a golden opportunity for buyers to source an extensive array of spectacular electronics and connect with premier exhibitors from around the world. The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Show took place over 4 days, from Saturday 13. April to Tuesday 16. April 2024 in Hong Kong.

Shenzhen Funny Auto Technology Co.,Ltd (the LK-GPS Manufacturer) took part in this edition and had the pleasure of welcoming our visitors and customers from several countries. 

LK-GPS is famous all over the world. Our company is a professional GPS Tracker device factory such as Vehicle/e-Bike GPS Tracker, Pet GPS Tracker, and Personal GPS Tracker since 2011.

●Our company website: https://lk-gps.com/
●Mobile terminal App (Android & iOS): LKGPS2,
●Web Tracking platform URL: www.lkgps.net

Welcome to know more about our company details.

Our advantages:

1. We are one of the few original manufacturers of GPS locators.
2. Our regular products can be customized and we provide a one-year warranty;

3. Accept third-party inspection service to guarantee quality and quantity;
4. We can deliver conventional products in 7 days at the soonest.

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