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LKGPS LK120-2G mini gps tracking device pets GPS smart waterproof gps tracker location for cat and dog


Ensure Safety and Peace of Mind with Precise Personal Tracking

LK120-2G/4G Personal GPS Tracker is a compact and reliable device designed to provide you and your loved ones with an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Whether you're an active adventurer, a concerned parent, or someone who values personal safety, this tracker offers real-time location monitoring and emergency assistance at your fingertips.

Accurate and Responsive Location Tracking

Equipped with advanced GPS technology and 2G/4G connectivity, LK120 tracker delivers precise location updates, ensuring you can pinpoint the whereabouts of your loved ones or track your own movements with exceptional accuracy. Stay informed and respond quickly in case of emergencies or unexpected situations.

Discreet and Wearable Design

The sleek and lightweight design of LK120 tracker allows for discreet and comfortable wear, making it ideal for everyday use. Easily conceal it in a pocket, bag, or attach it to clothing or accessories, ensuring seamless integration into your daily routine without drawing unwanted attention.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

With its energy-efficient design and rechargeable battery, LK120 tracker can operate for up to 72 hours on a single charge, providing reliable tracking capabilities even during extended outdoor activities or travel. Never worry about losing track due to a drained battery.

Customizable Alerts and Geofencing

Stay informed and in control with customizable alerts and geofencing features. Set up virtual boundaries, and receive instant notifications when the tracker enters or leaves designated areas. Configure movement alerts, low battery warnings, and more, tailoring the device to your specific needs and preferences.

Emergency SOS Function

In case of an emergency, LK120 tracker offers a dedicated SOS button that can instantly alert pre-set contacts or emergency services with your current location. Provide an additional layer of security for yourself or your loved ones, ensuring prompt assistance when it's needed most.Embrace peace of mind and prioritize personal safety with LK120-2G/4G Personal GPS Tracker. Stay connected, informed, and secure, no matter where life takes you.




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