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Kids /Personal LK610-B GPS Tracker Real Time Tracking Device SOS Alarm For School Student Kids And Staff.

Kids /Personal GPS Tracker Real Time Tracking Device SOS Alarm

LK610 Functional Features:

Supports multi-way query location: Mobile APP, PC webpage and WeChat

Platform supports electronic fence entry/exit alarm/low power/displacement

LED lamp indicates Power, GPS, GSM staus 

Locating data uploading modes: Timing, real-time, fixation point

SOS Alarm: Alarming message will be uploaded to the platform

Supports AGPS

LK610 Specifications: 

1. Product Outline

Product Name:  SIM Card GPS Positioning Terminal

Model No.: LK610-NB

Color: White

Installation: Wearable

2. Hardware Configuratoin

SIM card slot: standard SIM medium sized

NB Antenna: FPC Antenna

LED indicator: - Red light-system; - Green light-NB status

G-sensor: DA213B

Battery: 700mAh polymer battery

Working voltage: DC: 3.5 - 4.2V


LK610B detail page.jpg

Q1, How do it work?

It runs on the latest GPS chip, a sophisticated GPS microchip embedded into the heart of the tracker which continually reads its own location from low orbiting global satellites and then utilizes the Celullar network infrastructure open treated by your network provider to transmit its current location you. Then you can operate it on PC (Google map or software Platform). All you need to do is insert a working SIM card.

Q2, How to use it?

1): Insert a SIM card in the GPS tracker.And turn on the device outdoors.(when the green light and blue light are both flashing , you can do setting by step as below:)

2): Set admin number, APN and open GPRS to active device.
     Step 1. admin123456+space+your phone number
     Step 2. apn123456+ space+local apn content
     Step 3. gprs123456
     Step 4. Call your tracker.( You'll received a message with coordinates, time, date, battery/signal life.)




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